Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Plextor mSATA SSD to the notebook latest M6M

Plextor , a leading developer of digital storage technologies , announced the launch of mSATA SSD M6M .

SSD mSATA SSD M6M is a compact and very fast . This latest M6M able to match the performance of a desktop drive with a maximum speed of random read / write amazing to IOPS/80K 94K IOPS and speed read / write sequential up to 520 MB / s and 440 MB / s .

By using M6M on a very thin notebook , PC NUC , or tablet PC is claimed to maximize system responsiveness and battery life .

" M6M is a product with the best performance in the real world . We have optimized compact SSD to provide the best possible computing experience . We use the latest generation components , including the latest version of True Speed ​​for long-term operation better , and focused on random speed increase to provide the fastest performance of day-to- day operations , "said Product Manager , Zheng Yaping in a press release received merdeka.com ( 7/4 ) .

Besides having a very fast performance , Plextor M6M also very energy efficient with support for standard DEVSLP . This feature works when the host device is a ' sleep ' , then the SSD will decrease to 2 mW power consumption to increase battery usage time , and this unit has a resume is only 100 ms .

M6M features the latest server-grade controller - Marvell 88SS9188 , Toshiba Toggle flash memory and firmware developed by an elite team of Plextor . True Protect Plextors exclusive technology also contained in it , which supports advanced data integrity checking and encryption AES 256 - bit full disk to move data confidentiality .

In addition to offering maximum speeds of up to 94K random read IOPS , 14K IOPS faster than its predecessor ; M6M series now has a large capacity 512 GB mSATA . This new unit makes it very practical for very light notebook users to store and work with large video , high -resolution images and audio files .

To ensure total stability and a high level of compatibility , SSD M6M tested extensively during development . Each SSD must go through rigorous tests that simulate real-world usage and burn-in procedures are adequate to ensure that the operation can be reliable .
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M6M Plextor SSD will be available in April 2014 in the capacity of 128 GB and 256 GB , while the 512GB capacity will be available in the second quarter 2014


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