Friday, April 18, 2014

Embassy in Seoul : None citizens in the South Ferry

Consular Officer at the Embassy in Seoul , Didik Eko Pujianto , said none of the citizens who were in the boat Sewol Ferry , South Korea that sank on Wednesday morning , 16 April 2014 . According to Educate , there are three foreign nationals , but not from Indonesia .

So says Educate through short message to headline on Friday, April 18, 2014 . Educate delivered to date based on information he received from the South Korean police , as many as 175 people were rescued .

" While as many as 25 people were confirmed dead . There are two Chinese nationals and one Russian citizen , " said Didik .

The number of victims who were missing , said Didik , totaling 285 people . Didik said the search process is still ongoing .

" However , they have difficulty doing rescue since the ship was sinking and chances of surviving passengers of small , " said Didik .

Therefore , the water at the site of the sinking ship murky , cold weather and the current is quite swift . The passengers have been trapped inside the ferry for 48 hours since Wednesday .

Meanwhile , the BBC reports , citing survivors , mention of the criticism against the evacuation of the passengers . That's because the rescuers instead asked them to remain silent , but already in a state ferry tilted and problematic .
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" The process of rescue did not go well . We 've been wearing a life jacket and we have time . Unfortunately , we were even asked to wait , " said Koo Bon - hee is being treated in hospital in Mokpo . Bon - hee was not seriously injured .

According to him , the passengers could jump into the water and rescued , they were even asked to not come out of the ship. Many passengers were trapped , because the ferry window very difficult to solve.

If the passengers must jump , said Bon - hee , of the number of victims will not be this much . ( one )


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