Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Japanese Prime Perform Tribute to Victims Sewol

Japanese Prime Perform Tribute to Victims Sewol
Prime Minister ( PM) of Japan Shinzo Abe visited the altar which was set up to pay respects to victims Sewol Ferry .

Reporting from the Korea Times , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) , the altar was set up specifically by the Embassy of South Korea (ROK ) in Tokyo , in honor of the hundreds of casualties , in the worst incident in the history of the South Korean marine transportation .
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When he reached the altar , Abe gave a sign of mourning wreaths . Not only that , Sakura is a conservative figure , had prayed as he lit incense .

After performing special sembayang , Abe expressed deep sorrow to all victims Sewol . Abe became the first world leader to an official tribute to the victims Sewol ship .

Besides Abe , a number of prominent peting in Japan also take similar steps . They are doing a tribute to the victims of such Sewol , Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Foreign Minister ) Fumio Kishida , Deputy Foreign Minister and Deputy Cabinet Akitaka Saiki Yoshihide Saga .


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