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Rescue Century Fund , Sri Mulyani Feeling Cheated BI

Sri Mulyani Indrawati , the former head of the Financial System Stability Committee ( KSSK ) , admitted urged by Bank Indonesia ( BI ) to immediately determine the status of Bank Century ( BC ) as a failed bank systemic effect or not .

Translated by Sri Mulyani while testifying at the Jakarta Corruption Court , Friday, May 2, 2014 , in a meeting KSSK November 21, 2008 , he was asked by the Bank on the same day to immediately determine whether to close the Bank Century or the bank rescue . On this basis , Sri Mulyani claimed on 21 November 2008 , it was decided Century Bank as a failed bank systemic impact that was taken over by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) .
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However , Sri Mulyani admitted today that he had asked for more time to determine the status . Because , the BI has only 4.5 hours to make a decision .

" Yes ( I ask why can not be postponed till Monday and were given only 4.5 hours ) . However , the central bank said they could no longer give FPJP ( Short Term Funding Facility ) then dated 21 November 2008 , it must be determined whether it is closed or not , or set a systemic impact , "she said before the judges Corruption Court , Jakarta .

With the urgent situation himself , according to the minister, it was decided at last Century Bank as a failed bank foreclosed systemic impact and LPS . With a Temporary Equity value ( PMS ) of Rp632 billion that the Capital Adequacy Ratio ( CAR ) capital adequacy ratio of 8 percent to positive . By reason rescue and prevent the economic crisis and financial system so as not to run into problems saving decision , which is taken into consideration the decision was issued .

" At night it was needed to prevent consideration of Rp632 billion with broken financial system whose value Rp1.700 trillion . As policymakers consider I spend Rp632 billion with the financial system of society is not to fret , as happened in 1997/1998 . Thus , the comparison between the closing of Bank Century with greater cost , which is the belief that society would probably collapse , "said Sri Mulyani .

feeling cheated

Furthermore , indirectly the former Finance Minister admitted he felt cheated by the BI because the data and the figures given for the rescue of Bank Century had turned out . " I am disappointed with the BI data . However , as my minister responsible for the economy in Indonesia , " said Sri Mulyani .

Because Sri Mulyani said the figures rescue initially said Rp632 billion which increased to Rp 4, 6 trillion due to existing securities ( ssb ) that dimacetkan . "I was so shocked Rp632 billion Rp 4 , 6 trillion . CAR minus 3.2 percent to 35.92 percent , " said Sri Mulyani .

Even Sri Mulyani claimed at the time, stated that he could die standing if the numbers keep changing rescue .

" It could die if I stood here's the story , " said Sri

Related to the minister, in a clear indictment Budi Mulya said that the act in question related to the establishment of Bank Century as a failed bank systemic effect so given Temporary Equity ( PMS ) by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) up to Rp 6,762,361,000,000 .

Evidently , the KSSK meeting with Coordinating Committee ( KK ) on November 21, 2008 , at around 4:30 pm , which was attended by Sri Mulyani as Chairman KSSK , Boediono as members KSSK Secretary Raden Pardede as KSSK and Arief Surjowidjojo as legal counsel , it arrives suddenly decided that Century Bank designated as a failed bank systemic effect . Furthermore , LPS ask any treatment for the bank .

In fact , in the pre KSSK meeting conducted on 20 November 2008 at around 23:00 pm , has not been decided regarding the determination of Century Bank as a failed bank systemic effect . Given , many opinions stating that the Bank Century is not categorized as a bank systemic effect . As , said by Rudjito as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of LPS , Anggito Abhimanyu , Fuad Rahmany and Agus Martowardojo .

Furthermore , in the Board of Commissioners ( DRC ) LPS was decided to recover the amount of PMS Century Bank reached USD 2.776.000.000.000 , who eventually realized from 24 November 2008 to December 1, 2008 .

However , amid the PMS pertransferan time there are problems which make Sri Mulyani emphasis on BI to create accountability for the handling of Bank Century .

However , despite its unique feel disappointed in the attitude of BI , giving an STD to continue until December 1, 2008 .

Giving PMS continues until July 24, 2009 and amounted to USD 6.762.361.000.000 . In fact , the rescue efforts proved unable to help the Bank Century , seen from CAR per December 31, 2008 which, according to the results of the public accounting firm audit Amir Abadi Jusuf & Mawan , still in a position of negative 22.29 percent .

As is known , it is suspected there to give PMS scenario to Bank Century . The scenario starts when its meeting on 16 November 2008 which was attended by Sri Mulyani (Finance / Chairman KSSK ) , Boediono , Miranda , Hadad Hadad , Siti Fadjrijah , Fuad Rahmany , Noor Rahmat , Poltak L Tobing ( LPS ) , Firdaus Djaelani ( Chief Executive of LPS ) and Suharno Eliandy ( LPS ) .

During the meeting, Firdaus Djaelani said that the cost of closing the Bank Century rescue is lower than should be .

However , Boediono said Firdaus calculation based only on the micro side only. Thus, the data is ignored . In contrast , DG Bi DPNP ordered to prepare draft Systemic Impact Analysis ( ADS ) Bank Century to be presented at the meeting KSSK November 19, 2008 .

However , during the meeting with KSSK presented only a general description of the performance of banks in Indonesia . Thus, the bank has not decided KSSK Century systemic impact as desired by the Bank .

In fact , it appears that Bank Century Bank is insisting that the bank failed to set as a systemic effect . Evidently , from RDG November 20, 2008 , DG BI directing DPNP mempersiapkam studies support the rationale for the establishment of a bank failure systemic effect .

To realize the desire DG BI pursued a variety of ways . Including , using a psychological approach in the public market or systemic analysis in the Bank Century . With the goal , so that was not measured quantitatively . ( adi )


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