Friday, May 2, 2014

Hardiknas, Regent Rate Student Achievement Award

National Education Day ( Education Day ) is celebrated in different regions . In Indramayu district , the warning tinged number of awards to outstanding students .

The award was made ​​in memorial Hardiknas level Indramayu , Indramayu in the Square , Friday ( 2/5 ) . During the ceremony , the Regent of Indramayu , Anna Sophanah act as inspector ceremony .

The students who received the award was a champion in the race at the West Java Province . Namely Ahmad Bajuri , students SMK 1 Losarang , winning 1st place in Olympic- level math and Casdi West Java province , students SMK 1 Losarang , 1 champion agriculture agronomy student competence .
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In addition , Restu Fauzi , students SMK 1 Sindang champion 2 fields of fashion , and Ahmad Abdul Sarip students SMK 1 Indramayu field of hospitality accommodations .

Awards were also given to students who have won National Science Olympiad competition Indramayu district level in 2014.

Regent Indramayu , Anna Sophanah , invites all teachers and other stakeholders for the successful implementation of the curriculum in 2013 . Through the curriculum , students are expected to have competency as a whole , which includes the attitudes , knowledge and skills .

" That's all we do in order to prepare for the golden generation , the generation that is creative , innovative , productive , character , and love and are proud to be the nation of Indonesia , " said Anna asserted .


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