Friday, May 23, 2014

Wait Plenary Commission IDI Medical Announces Results of candidates-Vice President

General Elections Commission (KPU) requesting public still awaiting the results of medical tests by a team of doctors appointed by the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) to determine whether or not qualify for presidential candidate (candidates) and his running mate (vice).

Commission ensures the announcement of the results of medical tests plenary decision through a team of doctors in charge of checking at the Central Hospital of the Army (Army Hospital) Central Jakarta.

"If the schedule is yes (IDI plenary meeting tonight)," said Commission Chairman Husni Kamil Manik at the Election Commission Office, Jakarta, Friday (23/05/2014).
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However, Husni no guarantee whether the results of medical tests and vice presidential candidate was going to be announced tomorrow. Because the mechanism of the announcement was based on a report the team doctor.

"Is tomorrow ready or not depends on tonight," he said.

As is known, a team of doctors at the Army Hospital today conducted medical tests on couples presidential and vice presidential candidate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa. Medical tests refers to the physical and spiritual elements.


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