Monday, May 19, 2014

Follow UN with Eye Disorder, Attention Elementary school students Regent's Stolen

Regent of Semarang Mundjirin promised to eliminate the cost of treatment for Pandu Satria Pratama ( 12 ) who have impaired vision .

02 Kalongan Elementary School students were forced to work on the problems of the National Examination ( UN ) with the help of two supervisors who read the exam questions in turn.

" Sure to be free with BPJS , if you do not have ( BPJS ) to the local budget for Jamkesda . Stories of SD Chief earlier , he had been treated but not cured . Either that glaucoma or high pressure tear , so hopefully it can be treated , " Mundjirin said while reviewing the implementation of the UN in MI Kalirejo , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) afternoon .
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While Head 2 Head SDN Kalongan , Sutardjo tells that one of his students was experiencing eye irritation from sitting in class two . Even his parents had spent a lot of money to restore vision to return to normal waveguide .

" Until now, parents had to sell cattle to fund seven waveguide . , But the disease is getting worse , " said Sutardjo .

Although there is no problem in following the teaching and learning activities in the classroom , but in their daily Pandu often get help from his friends . Even for just walking to and out of the classroom or to places that have not commonly visited .

" If it was so dimly lit street . Hole There is also not clear . Wherever unusual place she had not been towed his friend , " said Sutardjo .


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