Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Supreme Adiprasetyo: Establishing the Company's Works Trivial

Set up a company is a trivial job , but maintaining the company to change a generation, it's an outstanding job .

Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) Adiprasetyo Supreme Reuters said , many people could set up a company but are not able to maintain and raise it .

"It takes intelligence and extraordinary perseverance , " Agung said during a speech at the launch of the book titled ' Witness ' in JIExpo , Kemayoran , Jakarta .
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The book ' Eyewitness is a book written by a team of Scholastic Magazine ' . This book contains success stories FIF Group , a subsidiary of Astra International Tbk in building the company from zero and community empowerment . The book was launched to commemorate the silver anniversary of the FIF Group take part in the vehicle financing industry in Indonesia .

" Establishing the company trivial job , but maintaining and raising the company to survive 25 years as FIF Group , an incredible job , " said Agung .

Supreme underlines , in great company there is a strong and solid team .
" The team said a simple word , but its meaning is incredible. Whose name I know exactly inside a teamwork was no superman , but superteam , " he said .

In the effort to build the company into a superior , General further , there should be a champion of culture . Then there must be also the achievement or achievement culture , the desire to achieve better again . "Therefore , the true enemy is our own , " he said .

Other cultures also important is moving forward . " The runner was always in the direction of forward not backward , " said Agung .

He considered , publishing a book which tells the long journey of a company as a good thing . " The publication of this kind to be something extraordinary . Accumulated management experiences contained in this book can be passed on to employees . Poor experiences in the past do not need to be repeated . Thank you 've been entrusted to a team of Scholastic to write this book , " said Agung .

Suhartono , FIF Group CEO , said the company's 25-year journey leads many obstacles and difficult times . " Many of the difficulties that we face . , But our employees have an incredible passion that brought the company managed to come out as a winner , " said Suhartono .

According to him , most of the advantages achieved by the company in its business , returned to the community in the form of a variety of community social programs respnsobility ( CSR ) in the areas of education , economic empowerment , health and the environment . In education , among other companies provide scholarships for elementary school children to college and training for teachers .

" We're also making the CSR department that is worth the cost we spend more , " said Suhartono .

Currently FIF Group 4 million customers with a net profit of Rp 1.25 trillion in the fiscal year ending in 2013.


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