Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Japanese Prime Perform Tribute to Victims Sewol

Japanese Prime Perform Tribute to Victims Sewol
Prime Minister ( PM) of Japan Shinzo Abe visited the altar which was set up to pay respects to victims Sewol Ferry .

Reporting from the Korea Times , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) , the altar was set up specifically by the Embassy of South Korea (ROK ) in Tokyo , in honor of the hundreds of casualties , in the worst incident in the history of the South Korean marine transportation .
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When he reached the altar , Abe gave a sign of mourning wreaths . Not only that , Sakura is a conservative figure , had prayed as he lit incense .

After performing special sembayang , Abe expressed deep sorrow to all victims Sewol . Abe became the first world leader to an official tribute to the victims Sewol ship .

Besides Abe , a number of prominent peting in Japan also take similar steps . They are doing a tribute to the victims of such Sewol , Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Foreign Minister ) Fumio Kishida , Deputy Foreign Minister and Deputy Cabinet Akitaka Saiki Yoshihide Saga .


Make sure that the S5 Samsung Galaxy Only Slightly Damaged

One recent report said Samsung's flagship device , the Galaxy S5 , suffered damage to the camera section . This damage causes the Galaxy S5 camera does not work . However, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Galaxy S5 ascertain the amount delivered is limited .

The company also has taken steps so that such problems do not reoccur diperingiman new .
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The case comes a month after the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 globally . While Samsung is building back keyajaannya in a global world .

The South Korean company will predict a decline in sales during the month of January to March compared to the previous year as a result of this incident . The decrease is also expected to continue into the second quarter of this year .

" We 've recognized this problem and in a very limited number of production units of the Galaxy S5 and problems resulting from complications of components in ROM ( Read Only Memory ) that stores information that is needed to operate the camera , " Samsung wrote in an email quoted by Reuters ( 27 / 4 ) .

Even so , a company spokesman declined to say exactly how much the phone is exposed to the problem. It only mentions already reported this issue to the United States and other countries .

While consumers who have failed product is thought to contact the service provider customers in Samsung's or service provider .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dimas Tortured because Considered Not Respect to Senior STIP

Dimas dikita Handoko , a High School student meter Seamanship ( STIP ) Jakarta , died abused seniors . Motive alleged persecution because Dimas considered respect for the seniors .

" Alleged motive while the persecution of the coaching is done Dimas senior cadets to cadets juniors , " said North Jakarta police chief Comr Polrestra Mohammad Iqbal in North Jakarta , Saturday ( 26/04/2014 ) .
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Iqbal said the perpetrators of seven senior reprimanded by four semesters if the victims do not have respect for them ( seniors ) . Dimas along with six friends then called into the senior boarding . There they were hit in the chest , stomach and heartburn .

As a result of this violence, Dimas fell , but still hit the three actors ANG , Fach and Army . Dimas finally passed out helpless .

Seeing Dimas unconscious, the perpetrators of the wind on the nose rubbing oil spills and well - Splash water on your face so that he regained consciousness Dimas . Dimas suffered severe bruises that were taken to the hospital Port in North Jakarta . However , his life is already beyond help . While the sixth victim 's friends were severely injured in the face , chest to the abdomen .

" From the results of the autopsy , the victim Dimas bleeding in the brain due to blunt impact , " he continued .

Currently , the North Jakarta Polrestra still collecting information from participants and witnesses . "This afternoon we also had to do a pre - reconstruction of the persecution to the needs of the investigation , " he said .

Police have secured the three alleged perpetrators persecute Dimas and four others initials SAT , WID , DE and AR are thought to be the perpetrators of violence against six friends Dimas . Police also have secured the evidence of the victim uniform , a red scoop and wind oil Fresh Care .

Dimas was killed by abused seniors on Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) night . Family suspicious because since few days she claimed serinh experience kekeraaan actions of the senior.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Quad -core powered Android KitKat

Samsung preparing to complete the Core range Galaxy series that has been circulating in the market . If you already Galaxy Core , Core Plus and Galaxy Galaxy Advance Core so this time put the Galaxy Core 2 , which will appear with a quad - core processor .

The information reported from sites based in Russia , Hi - tech.mail.ru , which divulge the look and some of the specifications of the products coded SM - G355H . From the images obtained , Galaxy Core 2 implements the ' Home ' physical and capacitive panels for the ' Back ' and ' Application last run ' .
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From the leaked it , mentioned the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 performed with dual SIM , 4.5 inch WVGA display ( 480x800 pixels ) and a quad-core processor 1.2 GHz , faster than their predecessors that the extent of dual - core processors. However, the memory RAM is limited to 512MB , which seems to be less 'update ' for smartphones today . That run the Android operating system 4.4 KitKat .

Embedded internal memory of 4GB Galaxy Core 2 , with the support of a microSD slot for expansion . Body dimensions 129.7 x 67.9 x 9.8 mm in a similar model of the Galaxy Core and Core Plus , with 138gram weight . There are two units of the camera , 5 MP rear and VGA on the front.

Other features of the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 is Samsung's TouchWiz UI , HSPA + and a 2000 mAh battery . Price is in the range of numbers RUR 9,990 , or about Rp 3 million , which will begin on the Russian market on May 20 .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Commission Set MoHA officials as e-ID Suspects

KPK set Director of Population Administration Information Management Directorate General of Civil Registration Interior Ministry Sugiharto as suspects in the alleged corruption in the procurement application package electronic identity card ( e-ID ) in the Ministry of Home Affairs fiscal year 2011-2012. As the official manufacturer's commitment ( KDP ) , Sugiharto allegedly committed an unlawful act and or abuse of authority resulting in state losses related to the procurement of the project .

" Having done a degree related case investigation , obtained two that sufficient evidence has concluded there are allegations of corruption in the procurement of e - ID card . From the title matters and information requests , set S as the KDP in the Directorate General of Civil Registration as suspect , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) , in Jakarta .

KPK ensnare Sugiharto with Article 2 Paragraph 1 of Article 3 subsidiary Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 to -1 in conjunction with Article 64 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code . Sugiarto acts allegedly cost the state finances . KPK are still counting the losses. According to Johan , the value of e - procurement project is 2011-2012 KTP Rp 6 trillion . " It's quite a big project values ​​, yes , " said Johan .
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According to him , the investigation of e - KTP project originated from entering the public report to the Commission in 2012-2013 . Johan was not denied any information submitted former Democratic Party Treasurer Muhammad Nazaruddin related e - KTP project . Previously , Nazaruddin convey to the media about the alleged mark up to Rp 2.5 trillion e-ID project .


Ahok : Work subdistrict headman as Regional Manager

Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said it would implement a system of One Stop Services from June 2014. With the system , the service can be done online .

" In June of OSS in all villages and districts , " said Ahok , at City Hall , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 . Then , at least there will be as many as 520 offices throughout Jakarta PTSP .
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Ahok explained , will service a wide range of population administration can be done in one place only through the OSS officers . " It acts as a broker, received just take care of anything, " he said . Later, the document will be taken care of , then to the relevant OSS through the online system . " So , baseball needs a lot of people and we do not need baseball so due to his mismanagement of baseball there . "

He pointed out , it would be like in the service of the bank office . To take care of Civil Registration documents for example , do not need no man dept location . However , enough OSS officer who will take care of the document to proceed to the related local government offices . "If it caught on education troublesome , laporin course , " said Ahok .

Ahok said in the application of this system is the sub-district and village heads should be able to act as head of the OSS . " Ward camat must act so district managers , kepamongan also there , " he said . ( See also : June, the city civil servants overhauled Wholesale )


Saturday, April 19, 2014

AK Harassment Case Not the First in JIS?

TH , AK mother , kindergarten students who are victims of sexual harassment in the toilet janitor Jakarta International School , suspect that immoral practice that hit her was not the first .

TH admitted receiving information regarding alleged immoral acts of some of the parents / guardians of students at a meeting in the area of ​​Pondok Indah , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) ago .

It is delivered TH at a press conference in Jakarta , Saturday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

" Some say their children like to draw an adult holding a knife . Blood everywhere . Somebody said her son never admit strangled in the bathroom , even dragged out of his class . Fact, no one came to my husband , said that last year her daughter ( 9 ) raped and now have moved the school to Bali , " said TH , his lawyer , OC Kaligis .

However, the next day , TH said , the parents / guardians of the students is silent . According to TH , the JIS has forbid them from talking to the press or the police without the permission of the school .

" I said, you have no need to fear . So , even as you are caucasian , you tetep protected just like me ( WNI ) , " said TH .

Related to this information , the JIS has not been clarified . Kompas.com has confirmed to Head of Communication Jakarta International School Chisato Hara , but there is no response .
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Currently , cases of sexual harassment against the AK has been handled by the police . Police have examined 11 witnesses . Two of them , Agun and Virgiawan Amin Iskandar aka Cloud has been named as a suspect . They were charged under Law No. 23 of 2002 on Child Protection , Article 82 of the Underage child abuse , with a penalty of 15 years in prison .


Diverse Answer Questions Laugh Jokowi Vice President

Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle Joko Widodo claimed to still brewing vice presidential candidate who will be with him. However, a number of names Jokowi began to circulate, such as Jusuf Kalla, Hatta Rajasa, Mahfud MD, Muhaimin Iskandar, until pedangdut Rhoma Irama.

Responding to the names of the vice-presidential candidate, Jokowi more often answered with a joke. As on Friday, April 18 last, Jokowi said candidate companion has begun tapers to a name. Who is she? Jokowi unwilling to go to vote.
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But when asked backdrop vice-presidential candidate, Jokowi said, "which is clear from the citizen of Indonesia," he said with a laugh Jokowi. (Read: Students refuse, turn ITB Alumni Support Jokowi)

Jokowi also never pretended to be assertive when asked who the candidate wapresnya. "I have to JK," he said with a serious face to reporters, Thursday, March 27, 2014. (Read: Jokowi kesengsem Bus Level ala Bandung)

It turns out the answer is just a mere joke. "You see, if not with JK, then the mention of my name into Oowi," Jokowi said jokingly. JK Jokowi do not mean Jusuf Kalla, but the letters that combine nickname.

Jokowi said not concerned if his running mate later young or old. "Want 30,40,50, 60 (years old), I do not matter," he said. Jakarta Governor also accept any prospective mate's background, whether from the military, businessmen, economists, or politicians. "The important thing is to work with," he said.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Embassy in Seoul : None citizens in the South Ferry

Consular Officer at the Embassy in Seoul , Didik Eko Pujianto , said none of the citizens who were in the boat Sewol Ferry , South Korea that sank on Wednesday morning , 16 April 2014 . According to Educate , there are three foreign nationals , but not from Indonesia .

So says Educate through short message to headline on Friday, April 18, 2014 . Educate delivered to date based on information he received from the South Korean police , as many as 175 people were rescued .

" While as many as 25 people were confirmed dead . There are two Chinese nationals and one Russian citizen , " said Didik .

The number of victims who were missing , said Didik , totaling 285 people . Didik said the search process is still ongoing .

" However , they have difficulty doing rescue since the ship was sinking and chances of surviving passengers of small , " said Didik .

Therefore , the water at the site of the sinking ship murky , cold weather and the current is quite swift . The passengers have been trapped inside the ferry for 48 hours since Wednesday .

Meanwhile , the BBC reports , citing survivors , mention of the criticism against the evacuation of the passengers . That's because the rescuers instead asked them to remain silent , but already in a state ferry tilted and problematic .
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" The process of rescue did not go well . We 've been wearing a life jacket and we have time . Unfortunately , we were even asked to wait , " said Koo Bon - hee is being treated in hospital in Mokpo . Bon - hee was not seriously injured .

According to him , the passengers could jump into the water and rescued , they were even asked to not come out of the ship. Many passengers were trapped , because the ferry window very difficult to solve.

If the passengers must jump , said Bon - hee , of the number of victims will not be this much . ( one )


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shh, It Turns Candidates Still the status of civil servants

Candidate number two PDI-P North Gorontalo , from electoral districts ( constituencies ) Sumalata four - Tolinggula , Sandra Deisy Maryana Datau , was still a civil servant ( PNS ) .

Vice- regent ( Vice Regent ) local , Roni Imran on Thursday , admitted recently signed the Decree ( SK ) Deisy Dismissal dated 16/4 , corresponding submission of resignation letter recently received local government .

Deasy was PNS official at the Health Department , as nurse at the health center Tolinggula .
Wabup claimed to not know anything about the status Deasy , even he was shocked to be signed initials SK coordination of dismissal as a civil servant .

Local governments are not responsible for the existence of Deasy as a candidate , because so far have either not been reported and submitted his resignation as a civil servant .

Meanwhile , the commissioner of the General Election Supervisory Committee ( Panwaslu ) district , division management and follow-up offense , Typhoon Coping Agus claimed to have received complaints from residents regarding the status Tolinggula Deasy who allegedly has not resigned as a civil servant .

Complainant reports have even followed up by examining the complainant on Wednesday , around 22:00 pm .
However Typhoon admitted , will not publish the administrative violation complaints , because they will be discussing in the center of the Integrated Law Enforcement ( Gakkumdu ) .

Information from the Secretary of the Branch Executive Council ( DPC ) local PDIP , Iriyanto Dangkua said , according resumes received it is clearly written Deasy are no longer civil servants . "According to the curriculum vitae received , Deasy stated as self-employed and no longer civil servants since 2011 proved to no longer receive a salary , " said Iriyanto .
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But it sure would work together for a smooth process, especially the concerned Supervisory Committee have answered the call to provide information for the report complained of residents .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guitarist Didit Saad: Lucky Candidates Stress Not Selected

Reported, there are a number of legislative candidates ( candidates ) are stressed because the legislature did not succeed through the Legislative Election ( Pileg ) on 9 April 2014 . Guitarist Didit Saad rate, it's good they are not elected .

According to the band's guitar player Syaharani and Queenfireworks ( ESQI : EF ) , they experience stress because of too ambitious .

" That's because he's too ambitious implications yes . There is a desire , ambition too , but baseball is accomplished . Happens so , " Didier said on the sidelines of practice with colleagues ESQI : EF him at Studio Odesa , Shopping Complex Dharmawangsa , Kebayoran Baru , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

According to Didier Similarly , they have also stressed that there are strings attached behind efforts to win votes in the " democratic party " this time .

" There is a sense of sincerity baseball . Sincere If baseball job , kept too hope , become stressed , " he said .

Such people , Didit further , it would be dangerous if they became members of the legislature .
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" I could later, if elected instead of corruption , " he said .


Ahead of Economic Data Releases Chinese, Asian markets mixed

Major stock indexes fluctuate Asian or mixed in early trading Wednesday, April 16, 2014 ahead of the release of economic data of China ( China ) .

As quoted from the pages of CNBC , the benchmark in the Australian market , the S & P ASX 200 moving up moderately in early trading this morning . Australian stock futures rose 0.2 percent to 5,386 , little changed from the closing index on Tuesday .

Meanwhile , trading in the Japanese stock futures fell after rising 0.6 percent at the close of trading on Tuesday . Osaka futures edged down 0.1 percent at 14,010 , but higher than the Nikkei index at the previous closing .
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China is known to release data on gross domestic product ( GDP ) on this day . Analysts polled by Reuters expect China's economic growth in the first quarter of this year is only 7.3 percent, the slowest growth in five years . In the last quarter of last year , China's economy grew 7.7 percent .

In recent days , Beijing officials have publicly ruled out the possibility of monetary stimulus measures to be taken to combat the slowing economic growth .

The main U.S. stock indexes rose at the close of New York trading Tuesday . Having previously had gained 99 points and down 110 points , the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 16262.56 , up 89.32 points ( 0.6 percent ) . Blue-chip stocks Coca - Cola and Johnson & Johnson reap the greatest advantage of the 30 major components of the Dow Jones index .

The S & P 500 added 12.37 points ( 0.7 percent ) to a level of 1842.98 with tech stocks the biggest benefit of the 10 main industries in the S & P 500 . Nasdaq composite index rose 11.47 points ( 0.3 percent ) to a level of 4034.16 , or the highest level since April 1, 2009.

Strengthening these shares due to investors are satisfied with a positive financial report of Coca -Cola Co. and Johnson & Johnson who beat fears of worsening tensions in Ukraine .

For the Asian market , the Nikkei reports that the Japanese Cabinet Office plans to reduce its economic assessment in April report could weigh on the Japanese stock market .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Apply For Success ATM Itpreneur

JAKARTA - The development of information technology makes these fields as a farm business that thrives . Itpreneur is often considered by the public as a source of income .

Discuss thoroughly about it , an entrepreneur in the field of technology ( Itpreneur ) , which is present in Tauf Suaradias Riandari talk show entitled " Employee vs. Itpreneur " made ​​by the Department of Information Student Association ( HMTC ) Institute of Technology ( ITS ) Surabaya .

In his presentation , animation site owner www.jelasin.com man explained , in order to be a necessary Itpreneur bold nature . Bold nature is Ufan - so - familiar call is not afraid to try .

" In addition, it takes hard work and ATMs . 's Own ATM stands for observe , imitate , and modification . ATMs often do when I want to create a new animation orders from clients , " said Ufan , as reported from ITS Online , Tuesday ( 15/4 / 2014 ) .
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To be an entrepreneur in the field of technology that is reliable , said Ufan , students should not feel inferior to any of their work . " We must dare menyepadankan themselves with the international world, namely by means of the system mimicking the work and products of their work . Definitely be it," he added .

According Ufan , beyond the actual capabilities similar to the Indonesian people . " Suppose the Indonesian animators with the Americans . Difference is only in the system only works , if its software skills almost the same , " said Ufan .

Meanwhile , Chairman of the Committee reveal Ardhya Perdana Putra , the activity is a routine event held each year . However , this year the committee an opportunity to all students of ITS in order to follow the carpet .


" Alhamdulillah , high enthusiasm . Carrying hundreds of visitors can attend , " said Ardhya .

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Speed ​​boat hit the waves, 5 passengers died in the Pacific Islands

Five passengers were reported killed in a speedboat accident that occurred in marine waters Jackfruit Island , District Sungaiselan , Central Bangka , Bangka Belitung Province , Sunday afternoon .

Speed ​​boat hull with the brand ' Rasyida ' that carry as many as 28 passengers and sank in the waters near Pulau Nangka due to big waves hit .

" Five passengers were killed in the incident , while another passenger survived and has been evacuated , " said Adj Polair Police Central Bangka , AKP Suhairi as reported by Reuters on Sunday ( 13/4 ) night .
Suhairi mention , the speed boat departing from Line 14 of Palembang , South Sumatra towards Sungaiselan .

But on arrival in the island waters Jackfruit speedboats dinakhodai Ajis it swerved and overturned due to hit by high waves and strong winds .

" The ship was immediately reversed in position 1 mile from the island of Jackfruit . Many as 23 passengers escaped by using a float while the other five were drowned , " he said .

Suhairi say , the names of the passengers is currently being recorded .

He explained that the accident was purely due to sea by the waves . Board the ship quickly swerved to the left and immediately reversed because it is not able to withstand the brunt of the waves that reach over two meters .

"We have dozens of passengers have been evacuated and a speed boat to the mouth of Sungaiselan , we will investigate the case further , " he said .

Suhairi added , the current number of members required to remain idle in Sungaiselan and always report the latest developments .
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" We urged caution sailing because the weather is uncertain , could result in an accident at sea especially small vessels , " he said .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

New information MH370 Mention Down Altitude

Media United States ( U.S. ) CNN claimed to obtain new information about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 . Based on their sources , the aircraft was known to lose altitude .

" Based on new information obtained , Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 lose height when it reaches a distance of 120 nautical miles towards the Strait of Malak , " reports CNN correspondent , Nic Robertson , on Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .
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" The plane reportedly lowered its altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 feet . Thing that is based on the best examination of successful military radar detected Malaysia , " he added .

The search process of the Boeing 777 - 200ER is still being conducted . The search process is now more dipersempitkan in an area not too far away from Australia .

Search team using a black box scanners , today announced that it has recently discovered fifth signal . It is alleged that the signals coming from the black box MH370 . But it can not determine it because they have to find physical evidence of the plane .

Previous Australian Navy ship Ocean Shield found two signals on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 . Meanwhile, two other signals found on Saturday, April 5, 2014 .


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Plextor mSATA SSD to the notebook latest M6M

Plextor , a leading developer of digital storage technologies , announced the launch of mSATA SSD M6M .

SSD mSATA SSD M6M is a compact and very fast . This latest M6M able to match the performance of a desktop drive with a maximum speed of random read / write amazing to IOPS/80K 94K IOPS and speed read / write sequential up to 520 MB / s and 440 MB / s .

By using M6M on a very thin notebook , PC NUC , or tablet PC is claimed to maximize system responsiveness and battery life .

" M6M is a product with the best performance in the real world . We have optimized compact SSD to provide the best possible computing experience . We use the latest generation components , including the latest version of True Speed ​​for long-term operation better , and focused on random speed increase to provide the fastest performance of day-to- day operations , "said Product Manager , Zheng Yaping in a press release received merdeka.com ( 7/4 ) .

Besides having a very fast performance , Plextor M6M also very energy efficient with support for standard DEVSLP . This feature works when the host device is a ' sleep ' , then the SSD will decrease to 2 mW power consumption to increase battery usage time , and this unit has a resume is only 100 ms .

M6M features the latest server-grade controller - Marvell 88SS9188 , Toshiba Toggle flash memory and firmware developed by an elite team of Plextor . True Protect Plextors exclusive technology also contained in it , which supports advanced data integrity checking and encryption AES 256 - bit full disk to move data confidentiality .

In addition to offering maximum speeds of up to 94K random read IOPS , 14K IOPS faster than its predecessor ; M6M series now has a large capacity 512 GB mSATA . This new unit makes it very practical for very light notebook users to store and work with large video , high -resolution images and audio files .

To ensure total stability and a high level of compatibility , SSD M6M tested extensively during development . Each SSD must go through rigorous tests that simulate real-world usage and burn-in procedures are adequate to ensure that the operation can be reliable .
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M6M Plextor SSD will be available in April 2014 in the capacity of 128 GB and 256 GB , while the 512GB capacity will be available in the second quarter 2014