Monday, March 31, 2014

Pirated Android Apps Seller Sued 5 Years in Prison

Two men convicted of piracy of mobile applications have been found guilty of spreading pirated Android applications . This case is the first lawsuit to be the case in terms of infringement of copyright works for mobile applications .

" This case was the first case handled by the U.S. Justice Department against someone who illegally deploy mobile applications , " said U.S. Attorney General's Office officials , David O'Neill , as quoted from Digital Trends . (see also: waptrick video)

In a court hearing in New York , Nicholas Anthony and Thomas Allen Dye who was arrested on January 24 and was found guilty of having been spread about one million pirated Android applications through the online market Appbucket .

Appbucket own online application store known to practice illegally selling pirated applications in 2012 . The U.S. government then closed the app store and catch the people behind it .

Appbucket addition , they are also spreading the pirated applications in other online stores such as Snappzmarket and Applanet . The total estimated value of the loss of the spread of pirated applications reached 700,000 U.S. dollars . (see also: waptrick mp3 download)

" Both men were infringes copyrighted works of others when they are with other people behind Appbucket distribute more than one million copies of pirated applications , " said O'Neill .

Narbone role as leader of the move operation , while Dye become conspirators . Now both are scheduled to hear verdict on June 12, 2014 . They face 5 years in jail .


Friday, March 14, 2014

CHARM NUSANTARA Equatorial Anomaly at Porcupine River

The school holidays coming up . Already have an agenda recreation with your children ? West Kalimantan offers a nuanced exotic nature . Behind the effect gerahnya equator , West Kalimantan apparently presenting natural coolness through Banangar waterfall . Then , after visiting Pontianak or Singkawang , tetirahlah to Hedgehog . (see also: obat burung)

Banangar waterfall in District Serimbu , Porcupine District , is one place on earth equator that can make us break away from routine fatigue . It is in the upper Porcupine River , approximately 290 kilometers north east of Pontianak , the provincial capital of West Kalimantan ( Kalbar ) .

Banangar is anomalous for the province 's laden river bend . The general atmosphere Kalbar weather that has been known heat was not felt in the area of ​​700 meters from the sea level .

Banangar waterfall , or often also called Mananggar , as high as 48 meters presents a beautiful natural charm . This place is suitable for tourists who love adventure .

Sadly , this waterfall is not packaged as tourist attractions by public or private . However , every holiday or a long holiday weekend , dozens of buses and tourist vehicles flowing here .

Access to the base of the waterfall is still very difficult . Shrub covered walkways so that tourists prefer to enjoy the charm of the top of the waterfall . Exoticism Banangar like diamonds hidden in the depths of the soil .

Needed a bit of struggle and patience to enjoy its beauty . At the very least , visitors are challenged across the long and winding journey . To reach Banangar it took about six to seven hour drive from Pontianak to Serimbu , the capital of the Great Water District .

From Serimbu , there are two alternative modes of transportation , namely the rent boats Rp 500,000 per return up to the last rapids before Banangar Waterfall . It might take three hours .

The second option is the motorcycle taxis , with a cost of Rp 100,000 per return up to Tauk Village , Village Engkangin . From Engkangin , we still had to use boats to rent between Rp 200,000 and Rp 300,000 , depending on the agreement with the owner of the boat . From Tauk , it takes time boating upstream to the rapids last before Banangar Waterfall 1.5 hours .

Travelers who 've been in Serimbu early if lucky still can ride a boat transporting essential supplies upstream so only need to set the cost of less than Rp 100,000 per person .

During the boating trip , tourists are treated to views of nature in the form of asrinya woods on the left and right of the river . Eyes will be spoiled by the typical vegetation of the jungle riverbank , like bengkirai and greetings .

Bentuang towering mountains east of the Porcupine in Engkangin also add to the exotic interior of this news . Can still be seen occasionally birds endemic to West Kalimantan crossing over the river . Do not forget to mingle with long-tailed monkeys . However , do not be too surprised if the lizard emerged from between the roots of the tree .

Of the last rapids before the falls Banangar , the adventure begins . Once bail out the boat , visitors are greeted by a natural path of stones and roots of a large tree . After a 15 minute walk along the edge of the river , we will be treated by the merembeskan cave water through tree roots that stuck to the bottom . The water is very clear . Travelers usually cupped face for direct drinking water splashes down or simply wash your face .

From this cave trip up already waiting . The road was steep stairs at once so it needs to be perpendicular cliff with soil .

Every now and then we will be preceded by some rural communities in the upper reaches of the Porcupine who bring a variety of staples draped manner . The interior of the shopping population in Serimbu and forced to bear all the basic necessities through the same steep road to the waterfall Banangar .

After nearly an hour's walk from where the boat is moored , waiting Banangar waterfall in sight . Fatigue , thirst , and fatigue as paid for by the charm of the waterfalls . 48 meter high waterfall with a width of about 50 feet roaring and produce bubbles of water flying.

The air around the waterfall is very cool . If you come in the morning to the waterfall , we could even see the mist come down from the surrounding mountains . Upper Porcupine River that housed hundreds of families usually shrouded in mist, really beautiful scenery typical of the forest .

Waterfall Banangar not the only charm in the upper Porcupine River . Residents are fed up with the noisy and hectic urban settlements could stay on the outskirts of the quiet upper reaches of the Hedgehog .

One can be selected villages are Kampung Tauk . Most of the house is a traditional house of Dayak form of wooden house . Generally houses are also not electrified . Electric lighting only owned a few houses that have generator sets .

Travelers can also enjoy the typical diet of rural , mountain rice from the rice , and a side dish of fish catches in the river . Can also be obtained from the vegetable gardens of the population .

Village Chief Engkangin Canisius Kodak said , the access road from the village to the waterfall Banangar Tauk is an urgent need . " If the government is sensitive , this Banangar waterfall should be managed properly so that more and more tourists are going to come . However , the road should be provided first , "says Kodak .

Tauk and Banangar waterfall , which is about 20 kilometers , the road is not yet connected . Of Tauk Serimbu to existing footpaths still partially concreted .

Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Council of the Porcupine District Hamid said Markus , the access road to the waterfalls of Tauk Banangar it has been proposed several times . However , until 2011 there is no budget for the opening of Tauk way to the waterfall .
(see also: vitamin burung)

All parties need to be aware that development necessitates attraction affordability , convenience , and security ....


Friday, March 7, 2014

Know Beans Peas

What is a Peanut Peas?
Pea plant is a kind of vegetable which has the scientific name Pisum sativum L and included in the tribe of legumes. Pea plants had an average height of about 3.5 m with a pinnate leaf shape. Pea plants have white flowers. While the fruit has a length of about 3 to 11 cm. Inside the fruit are 3 to 11 pea seeds. Pea seeds generally have a spherical shape or wrinkled green. In Indonesia alone, pea also known as peas or peas.

Kapri traits Nuts (see also: pakan burung)

Habitat Beans Peas
Peas can grow well in tropical areas with an altitude of about 1,200 m above sea level. The temperature required for the growth of pea is approximately 10o to 30o C with optimum temperature is good for the development of 20o C. As for rainfall required is about 400 mm to 1,000 mm per year. For optimal results, peas can be planted in areas where rainfall is 1,000 mm per year. Pea plants can thrive in slightly acidic soil conditions and has good drainage.

Types of Nuts Kapri
There are two types of peas are generally consumed. The first type of pea is Snow Pea. This type of snow peas have flat seeds. This species is a group of Axiphium cultivation and very popular in Indonesia. The second type of pea is Snap Pea. Snap Pea is a type of pea which has a spherical shape and a group of macrocarpum cultivation.

Health Benefits of Nuts Kapri (see also: pakan burung cendet)

Besides being used as a complement to the cuisine, pea also has many health benefits. Among them, the content of vitamin K present in peas can help keep bones strong and Constructing bones. Cnya vitamin content serves to increase endurance and prevent DNA damage. Content owned Iron works to form red blood cells so as to prevent the occurrence of anemia. Peas also contain beta carotene which is useful as an antioxidant that functions as a cancer prevention. Not only that, snow peas can also help you lose weight for their diet program because the peas have little caloric content.