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Know Beans Peas

What is a Peanut Peas?
Pea plant is a kind of vegetable which has the scientific name Pisum sativum L and included in the tribe of legumes. Pea plants had an average height of about 3.5 m with a pinnate leaf shape. Pea plants have white flowers. While the fruit has a length of about 3 to 11 cm. Inside the fruit are 3 to 11 pea seeds. Pea seeds generally have a spherical shape or wrinkled green. In Indonesia alone, pea also known as peas or peas.

Kapri traits Nuts (see also: pakan burung)

Habitat Beans Peas
Peas can grow well in tropical areas with an altitude of about 1,200 m above sea level. The temperature required for the growth of pea is approximately 10o to 30o C with optimum temperature is good for the development of 20o C. As for rainfall required is about 400 mm to 1,000 mm per year. For optimal results, peas can be planted in areas where rainfall is 1,000 mm per year. Pea plants can thrive in slightly acidic soil conditions and has good drainage.

Types of Nuts Kapri
There are two types of peas are generally consumed. The first type of pea is Snow Pea. This type of snow peas have flat seeds. This species is a group of Axiphium cultivation and very popular in Indonesia. The second type of pea is Snap Pea. Snap Pea is a type of pea which has a spherical shape and a group of macrocarpum cultivation.

Health Benefits of Nuts Kapri (see also: pakan burung cendet)

Besides being used as a complement to the cuisine, pea also has many health benefits. Among them, the content of vitamin K present in peas can help keep bones strong and Constructing bones. Cnya vitamin content serves to increase endurance and prevent DNA damage. Content owned Iron works to form red blood cells so as to prevent the occurrence of anemia. Peas also contain beta carotene which is useful as an antioxidant that functions as a cancer prevention. Not only that, snow peas can also help you lose weight for their diet program because the peas have little caloric content.


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