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CHARM NUSANTARA Equatorial Anomaly at Porcupine River

The school holidays coming up . Already have an agenda recreation with your children ? West Kalimantan offers a nuanced exotic nature . Behind the effect gerahnya equator , West Kalimantan apparently presenting natural coolness through Banangar waterfall . Then , after visiting Pontianak or Singkawang , tetirahlah to Hedgehog . (see also: obat burung)

Banangar waterfall in District Serimbu , Porcupine District , is one place on earth equator that can make us break away from routine fatigue . It is in the upper Porcupine River , approximately 290 kilometers north east of Pontianak , the provincial capital of West Kalimantan ( Kalbar ) .

Banangar is anomalous for the province 's laden river bend . The general atmosphere Kalbar weather that has been known heat was not felt in the area of ​​700 meters from the sea level .

Banangar waterfall , or often also called Mananggar , as high as 48 meters presents a beautiful natural charm . This place is suitable for tourists who love adventure .

Sadly , this waterfall is not packaged as tourist attractions by public or private . However , every holiday or a long holiday weekend , dozens of buses and tourist vehicles flowing here .

Access to the base of the waterfall is still very difficult . Shrub covered walkways so that tourists prefer to enjoy the charm of the top of the waterfall . Exoticism Banangar like diamonds hidden in the depths of the soil .

Needed a bit of struggle and patience to enjoy its beauty . At the very least , visitors are challenged across the long and winding journey . To reach Banangar it took about six to seven hour drive from Pontianak to Serimbu , the capital of the Great Water District .

From Serimbu , there are two alternative modes of transportation , namely the rent boats Rp 500,000 per return up to the last rapids before Banangar Waterfall . It might take three hours .

The second option is the motorcycle taxis , with a cost of Rp 100,000 per return up to Tauk Village , Village Engkangin . From Engkangin , we still had to use boats to rent between Rp 200,000 and Rp 300,000 , depending on the agreement with the owner of the boat . From Tauk , it takes time boating upstream to the rapids last before Banangar Waterfall 1.5 hours .

Travelers who 've been in Serimbu early if lucky still can ride a boat transporting essential supplies upstream so only need to set the cost of less than Rp 100,000 per person .

During the boating trip , tourists are treated to views of nature in the form of asrinya woods on the left and right of the river . Eyes will be spoiled by the typical vegetation of the jungle riverbank , like bengkirai and greetings .

Bentuang towering mountains east of the Porcupine in Engkangin also add to the exotic interior of this news . Can still be seen occasionally birds endemic to West Kalimantan crossing over the river . Do not forget to mingle with long-tailed monkeys . However , do not be too surprised if the lizard emerged from between the roots of the tree .

Of the last rapids before the falls Banangar , the adventure begins . Once bail out the boat , visitors are greeted by a natural path of stones and roots of a large tree . After a 15 minute walk along the edge of the river , we will be treated by the merembeskan cave water through tree roots that stuck to the bottom . The water is very clear . Travelers usually cupped face for direct drinking water splashes down or simply wash your face .

From this cave trip up already waiting . The road was steep stairs at once so it needs to be perpendicular cliff with soil .

Every now and then we will be preceded by some rural communities in the upper reaches of the Porcupine who bring a variety of staples draped manner . The interior of the shopping population in Serimbu and forced to bear all the basic necessities through the same steep road to the waterfall Banangar .

After nearly an hour's walk from where the boat is moored , waiting Banangar waterfall in sight . Fatigue , thirst , and fatigue as paid for by the charm of the waterfalls . 48 meter high waterfall with a width of about 50 feet roaring and produce bubbles of water flying.

The air around the waterfall is very cool . If you come in the morning to the waterfall , we could even see the mist come down from the surrounding mountains . Upper Porcupine River that housed hundreds of families usually shrouded in mist, really beautiful scenery typical of the forest .

Waterfall Banangar not the only charm in the upper Porcupine River . Residents are fed up with the noisy and hectic urban settlements could stay on the outskirts of the quiet upper reaches of the Hedgehog .

One can be selected villages are Kampung Tauk . Most of the house is a traditional house of Dayak form of wooden house . Generally houses are also not electrified . Electric lighting only owned a few houses that have generator sets .

Travelers can also enjoy the typical diet of rural , mountain rice from the rice , and a side dish of fish catches in the river . Can also be obtained from the vegetable gardens of the population .

Village Chief Engkangin Canisius Kodak said , the access road from the village to the waterfall Banangar Tauk is an urgent need . " If the government is sensitive , this Banangar waterfall should be managed properly so that more and more tourists are going to come . However , the road should be provided first , "says Kodak .

Tauk and Banangar waterfall , which is about 20 kilometers , the road is not yet connected . Of Tauk Serimbu to existing footpaths still partially concreted .

Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Council of the Porcupine District Hamid said Markus , the access road to the waterfalls of Tauk Banangar it has been proposed several times . However , until 2011 there is no budget for the opening of Tauk way to the waterfall .
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All parties need to be aware that development necessitates attraction affordability , convenience , and security ....


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