Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Supreme Adiprasetyo: Establishing the Company's Works Trivial

Set up a company is a trivial job , but maintaining the company to change a generation, it's an outstanding job .

Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) Adiprasetyo Supreme Reuters said , many people could set up a company but are not able to maintain and raise it .

"It takes intelligence and extraordinary perseverance , " Agung said during a speech at the launch of the book titled ' Witness ' in JIExpo , Kemayoran , Jakarta .
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The book ' Eyewitness is a book written by a team of Scholastic Magazine ' . This book contains success stories FIF Group , a subsidiary of Astra International Tbk in building the company from zero and community empowerment . The book was launched to commemorate the silver anniversary of the FIF Group take part in the vehicle financing industry in Indonesia .

" Establishing the company trivial job , but maintaining and raising the company to survive 25 years as FIF Group , an incredible job , " said Agung .

Supreme underlines , in great company there is a strong and solid team .
" The team said a simple word , but its meaning is incredible. Whose name I know exactly inside a teamwork was no superman , but superteam , " he said .

In the effort to build the company into a superior , General further , there should be a champion of culture . Then there must be also the achievement or achievement culture , the desire to achieve better again . "Therefore , the true enemy is our own , " he said .

Other cultures also important is moving forward . " The runner was always in the direction of forward not backward , " said Agung .

He considered , publishing a book which tells the long journey of a company as a good thing . " The publication of this kind to be something extraordinary . Accumulated management experiences contained in this book can be passed on to employees . Poor experiences in the past do not need to be repeated . Thank you 've been entrusted to a team of Scholastic to write this book , " said Agung .

Suhartono , FIF Group CEO , said the company's 25-year journey leads many obstacles and difficult times . " Many of the difficulties that we face . , But our employees have an incredible passion that brought the company managed to come out as a winner , " said Suhartono .

According to him , most of the advantages achieved by the company in its business , returned to the community in the form of a variety of community social programs respnsobility ( CSR ) in the areas of education , economic empowerment , health and the environment . In education , among other companies provide scholarships for elementary school children to college and training for teachers .

" We're also making the CSR department that is worth the cost we spend more , " said Suhartono .

Currently FIF Group 4 million customers with a net profit of Rp 1.25 trillion in the fiscal year ending in 2013.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blacksteel Group Immerse Rp 1 Trillion in Lombok

Blacksteel Group, a property development company based in Jakarta , Rp 1 trillion invested in Lombok , East Nusa Tenggara .

Investment of that , will be used to develop multifunctional properties titled Lombok City Center which includes the largest shopping center in West Nusa Tenggara , three-star hotel of 200 rooms , a convention center with a capacity of 5,000 people , with 150 hospital beds , residential , shop , and shophouse .

Blacksteel Group Marketing Director , Elsye Tanihaha , explained , the funds to develop the superblock , that bank loans by 60 percent and the remaining 40 percent is equity company .
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" As we build on Lombok motivation for its strategic location , in addition to having a natural beauty that does not exist in other places . Proximity to Bali and also in the middle of Indonesia , within easy reach of Jakarta , Sumatra , or Papua , " said Elsye told Compass . com , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Although rich in natural resources , strategic location , and a population of 2.5 million people , but not Lombok representative shopping center has facilities that can meet the needs of local communities . In fact , the purchasing power of the people considered to be high . Moreover, the potential of tourism spots , many tourists ogled from Singapore , Malaysia and Australia .

" They are the target market makes shopping centers and other types of properties , such as hotels , crowded , " said Elsye .

Furthermore Elsye said , Lombok City Center is part of the plan Blacksteel Group developed areas yet untapped potential to the fullest . Areas there is a lot of potential in eastern Indonesia , and other areas are still lagging behind .

" In addition to Lombok City Center , we are developing Ambon City Center 2 , The Plaza at shoves as high as 15 floors , Sorong City Center , Kupang City Center , and several others in Semarang and Jambi , " said Elsye .

Until the next five years , Blacksteel Group targets 30 shopping centers can be developed in Indonesia or in a year will be built as much as 5 shopping centers .

" Some of them are the result of the acquisition of shopping centers that have potential but are not developed professionally . Majority of our waking own other starting from scratch . This year we acquired three shopping centers in Jakarta , is still in process . Months ahead is expected to be released soon again , "said Elsye .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Wait Plenary Commission IDI Medical Announces Results of candidates-Vice President

General Elections Commission (KPU) requesting public still awaiting the results of medical tests by a team of doctors appointed by the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) to determine whether or not qualify for presidential candidate (candidates) and his running mate (vice).

Commission ensures the announcement of the results of medical tests plenary decision through a team of doctors in charge of checking at the Central Hospital of the Army (Army Hospital) Central Jakarta.

"If the schedule is yes (IDI plenary meeting tonight)," said Commission Chairman Husni Kamil Manik at the Election Commission Office, Jakarta, Friday (23/05/2014).
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However, Husni no guarantee whether the results of medical tests and vice presidential candidate was going to be announced tomorrow. Because the mechanism of the announcement was based on a report the team doctor.

"Is tomorrow ready or not depends on tonight," he said.

As is known, a team of doctors at the Army Hospital today conducted medical tests on couples presidential and vice presidential candidate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa. Medical tests refers to the physical and spiritual elements.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Observer: Targets Young Voters, Prabowo Want Sink Human Rights Issue

Strategy pairs presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate , Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa , targeting groups of young and first time voters to be supporters of assessed as an attempt to drown and break the chain of past history . Young people do not understand about the issue is considered past human rights violations alleged to Prabowo .

" Young people do not know or are considered less understand past issues of weakness Prabowo , " said political analyst from Gadjah Mada University , Ari Sudjito , when contacted on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Ari argues , strategies targeting young people who do not necessarily Prabowo - Hatta effective to submerge historical past . Today's youth , he said , has a strong curiosity towards all things , especially when they live in an environment that is active in social media .
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This group of young voters will figure out the track record and the information of the candidates of their leaders later . " Not all young people will swallow . They will continue to find out , " said Ari .

Ari said , it will be a challenge to the other vice - presidential partner , Joko Widodo , and Jusuf Kalla . They , Ari said , should be able to remind the younger group to be more sensitive to the history of the past .

According to Ari , Jokowi - JK certainly also been targeting younger groups . However , the strength of the couple , he said , more to community groups marginalized underclass . When viewed from the segmentation , Ari thought , the approach to the lower classes of the people is more important than the younger group .

" People will be more effective than a young child , " he concluded .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Prabowo-Hatta Achieves 26.14 Percent Predicted Student Voice

Presidential candidate and running mate Prabowo , Hatta Rajasa , predictable reach 26 , 14 per cent of the student voice . It happens if the election was held at the time of the survey conducted some time ago .

Indonesian Survey Circle ( LSI ) in conducting surveys applying multistage random sampling method .

The number of survey respondents there are 2,400 respondents nationwide with a margin of error of 2 percent . Respondents were randomly selected and interviewed in person .
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" Jokowi ahead except at the student level to the top of the 26.6 % chose Jokowi - Hatta , and 26.14 % opt - Hatta Prabowo , " explains researcher LSI , Ardian Sopa , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) .

In terms of ethnicity , Jokowi - JK excels in all parts except the Betawi . Only 16.31 % Betawi people choose mates that bloody Javanese and Bugis . While choosing Prabowo 46.69 % . " Much higher , " he explained .

Despite winning at the level of the students and ethnic Betawi , figure Prabowo and Hatta thought still had to be dug up to support the community , because Jokowi and JK judged more support various parties .

JK electability Jokowi - level 13% higher than the mate Prabowo - Hatta at this time .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Follow UN with Eye Disorder, Attention Elementary school students Regent's Stolen

Regent of Semarang Mundjirin promised to eliminate the cost of treatment for Pandu Satria Pratama ( 12 ) who have impaired vision .

02 Kalongan Elementary School students were forced to work on the problems of the National Examination ( UN ) with the help of two supervisors who read the exam questions in turn.

" Sure to be free with BPJS , if you do not have ( BPJS ) to the local budget for Jamkesda . Stories of SD Chief earlier , he had been treated but not cured . Either that glaucoma or high pressure tear , so hopefully it can be treated , " Mundjirin said while reviewing the implementation of the UN in MI Kalirejo , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) afternoon .
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While Head 2 Head SDN Kalongan , Sutardjo tells that one of his students was experiencing eye irritation from sitting in class two . Even his parents had spent a lot of money to restore vision to return to normal waveguide .

" Until now, parents had to sell cattle to fund seven waveguide . , But the disease is getting worse , " said Sutardjo .

Although there is no problem in following the teaching and learning activities in the classroom , but in their daily Pandu often get help from his friends . Even for just walking to and out of the classroom or to places that have not commonly visited .

" If it was so dimly lit street . Hole There is also not clear . Wherever unusual place she had not been towed his friend , " said Sutardjo .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Virus Alert MERS, two hospitals in Semarang Prepare the Bubble

Semarang regency setting up isolation rooms in hospitals and hospital Ambarawa Unggaran to anticipate patient Middle East Corona Virus Respiratory Syndrome ( MERS ) , although so far no findings or reports of residents who indicated that the disease known as the Arab flu .

" So far there has been no report , let alone that there are people to die . Hopefully no residents affected by the virus , " said the Regent of Semarang , Mundjirin , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) afternoon .

Regent is also a doctor and owner of a private hospital in Ambarawa revealed , virus attack suspected of camels belonging to the new virus . Mundjirin was called for vigilant citizens .
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" In addition to urging , we have prepared isolation rooms in hospitals . Room can be used by patients who had indicated infectious diseases , serious illnesses , dealing with the law , as well as patients who are raging . Meanwhile MERS itself into the category of infectious diseases , " he said .

Mundjirin recommends that residents be vigilant and use masks when they want to go out of the house or memunaikan worship Umrah to the Holy Land .

As reported earlier , the Health Office ( PHO ) Semarang District states wary of the spread of the virus has penetrated MERS indicated to Boyolali . The outbreak affects children mostly immune systems are still vulnerable .

The symptoms include fever is found , red spots on the hands , feet , and mouth , crying constantly, not eating, until the weight loss .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Hardiknas, Regent Rate Student Achievement Award

National Education Day ( Education Day ) is celebrated in different regions . In Indramayu district , the warning tinged number of awards to outstanding students .

The award was made ​​in memorial Hardiknas level Indramayu , Indramayu in the Square , Friday ( 2/5 ) . During the ceremony , the Regent of Indramayu , Anna Sophanah act as inspector ceremony .

The students who received the award was a champion in the race at the West Java Province . Namely Ahmad Bajuri , students SMK 1 Losarang , winning 1st place in Olympic- level math and Casdi West Java province , students SMK 1 Losarang , 1 champion agriculture agronomy student competence .
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In addition , Restu Fauzi , students SMK 1 Sindang champion 2 fields of fashion , and Ahmad Abdul Sarip students SMK 1 Indramayu field of hospitality accommodations .

Awards were also given to students who have won National Science Olympiad competition Indramayu district level in 2014.

Regent Indramayu , Anna Sophanah , invites all teachers and other stakeholders for the successful implementation of the curriculum in 2013 . Through the curriculum , students are expected to have competency as a whole , which includes the attitudes , knowledge and skills .

" That's all we do in order to prepare for the golden generation , the generation that is creative , innovative , productive , character , and love and are proud to be the nation of Indonesia , " said Anna asserted .


Rescue Century Fund , Sri Mulyani Feeling Cheated BI

Sri Mulyani Indrawati , the former head of the Financial System Stability Committee ( KSSK ) , admitted urged by Bank Indonesia ( BI ) to immediately determine the status of Bank Century ( BC ) as a failed bank systemic effect or not .

Translated by Sri Mulyani while testifying at the Jakarta Corruption Court , Friday, May 2, 2014 , in a meeting KSSK November 21, 2008 , he was asked by the Bank on the same day to immediately determine whether to close the Bank Century or the bank rescue . On this basis , Sri Mulyani claimed on 21 November 2008 , it was decided Century Bank as a failed bank systemic impact that was taken over by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) .
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However , Sri Mulyani admitted today that he had asked for more time to determine the status . Because , the BI has only 4.5 hours to make a decision .

" Yes ( I ask why can not be postponed till Monday and were given only 4.5 hours ) . However , the central bank said they could no longer give FPJP ( Short Term Funding Facility ) then dated 21 November 2008 , it must be determined whether it is closed or not , or set a systemic impact , "she said before the judges Corruption Court , Jakarta .

With the urgent situation himself , according to the minister, it was decided at last Century Bank as a failed bank foreclosed systemic impact and LPS . With a Temporary Equity value ( PMS ) of Rp632 billion that the Capital Adequacy Ratio ( CAR ) capital adequacy ratio of 8 percent to positive . By reason rescue and prevent the economic crisis and financial system so as not to run into problems saving decision , which is taken into consideration the decision was issued .

" At night it was needed to prevent consideration of Rp632 billion with broken financial system whose value Rp1.700 trillion . As policymakers consider I spend Rp632 billion with the financial system of society is not to fret , as happened in 1997/1998 . Thus , the comparison between the closing of Bank Century with greater cost , which is the belief that society would probably collapse , "said Sri Mulyani .

feeling cheated

Furthermore , indirectly the former Finance Minister admitted he felt cheated by the BI because the data and the figures given for the rescue of Bank Century had turned out . " I am disappointed with the BI data . However , as my minister responsible for the economy in Indonesia , " said Sri Mulyani .

Because Sri Mulyani said the figures rescue initially said Rp632 billion which increased to Rp 4, 6 trillion due to existing securities ( ssb ) that dimacetkan . "I was so shocked Rp632 billion Rp 4 , 6 trillion . CAR minus 3.2 percent to 35.92 percent , " said Sri Mulyani .

Even Sri Mulyani claimed at the time, stated that he could die standing if the numbers keep changing rescue .

" It could die if I stood here's the story , " said Sri

Related to the minister, in a clear indictment Budi Mulya said that the act in question related to the establishment of Bank Century as a failed bank systemic effect so given Temporary Equity ( PMS ) by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) up to Rp 6,762,361,000,000 .

Evidently , the KSSK meeting with Coordinating Committee ( KK ) on November 21, 2008 , at around 4:30 pm , which was attended by Sri Mulyani as Chairman KSSK , Boediono as members KSSK Secretary Raden Pardede as KSSK and Arief Surjowidjojo as legal counsel , it arrives suddenly decided that Century Bank designated as a failed bank systemic effect . Furthermore , LPS ask any treatment for the bank .

In fact , in the pre KSSK meeting conducted on 20 November 2008 at around 23:00 pm , has not been decided regarding the determination of Century Bank as a failed bank systemic effect . Given , many opinions stating that the Bank Century is not categorized as a bank systemic effect . As , said by Rudjito as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of LPS , Anggito Abhimanyu , Fuad Rahmany and Agus Martowardojo .

Furthermore , in the Board of Commissioners ( DRC ) LPS was decided to recover the amount of PMS Century Bank reached USD 2.776.000.000.000 , who eventually realized from 24 November 2008 to December 1, 2008 .

However , amid the PMS pertransferan time there are problems which make Sri Mulyani emphasis on BI to create accountability for the handling of Bank Century .

However , despite its unique feel disappointed in the attitude of BI , giving an STD to continue until December 1, 2008 .

Giving PMS continues until July 24, 2009 and amounted to USD 6.762.361.000.000 . In fact , the rescue efforts proved unable to help the Bank Century , seen from CAR per December 31, 2008 which, according to the results of the public accounting firm audit Amir Abadi Jusuf & Mawan , still in a position of negative 22.29 percent .

As is known , it is suspected there to give PMS scenario to Bank Century . The scenario starts when its meeting on 16 November 2008 which was attended by Sri Mulyani (Finance / Chairman KSSK ) , Boediono , Miranda , Hadad Hadad , Siti Fadjrijah , Fuad Rahmany , Noor Rahmat , Poltak L Tobing ( LPS ) , Firdaus Djaelani ( Chief Executive of LPS ) and Suharno Eliandy ( LPS ) .

During the meeting, Firdaus Djaelani said that the cost of closing the Bank Century rescue is lower than should be .

However , Boediono said Firdaus calculation based only on the micro side only. Thus, the data is ignored . In contrast , DG Bi DPNP ordered to prepare draft Systemic Impact Analysis ( ADS ) Bank Century to be presented at the meeting KSSK November 19, 2008 .

However , during the meeting with KSSK presented only a general description of the performance of banks in Indonesia . Thus, the bank has not decided KSSK Century systemic impact as desired by the Bank .

In fact , it appears that Bank Century Bank is insisting that the bank failed to set as a systemic effect . Evidently , from RDG November 20, 2008 , DG BI directing DPNP mempersiapkam studies support the rationale for the establishment of a bank failure systemic effect .

To realize the desire DG BI pursued a variety of ways . Including , using a psychological approach in the public market or systemic analysis in the Bank Century . With the goal , so that was not measured quantitatively . ( adi )