Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Virus Alert MERS, two hospitals in Semarang Prepare the Bubble

Semarang regency setting up isolation rooms in hospitals and hospital Ambarawa Unggaran to anticipate patient Middle East Corona Virus Respiratory Syndrome ( MERS ) , although so far no findings or reports of residents who indicated that the disease known as the Arab flu .

" So far there has been no report , let alone that there are people to die . Hopefully no residents affected by the virus , " said the Regent of Semarang , Mundjirin , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) afternoon .

Regent is also a doctor and owner of a private hospital in Ambarawa revealed , virus attack suspected of camels belonging to the new virus . Mundjirin was called for vigilant citizens .
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" In addition to urging , we have prepared isolation rooms in hospitals . Room can be used by patients who had indicated infectious diseases , serious illnesses , dealing with the law , as well as patients who are raging . Meanwhile MERS itself into the category of infectious diseases , " he said .

Mundjirin recommends that residents be vigilant and use masks when they want to go out of the house or memunaikan worship Umrah to the Holy Land .

As reported earlier , the Health Office ( PHO ) Semarang District states wary of the spread of the virus has penetrated MERS indicated to Boyolali . The outbreak affects children mostly immune systems are still vulnerable .

The symptoms include fever is found , red spots on the hands , feet , and mouth , crying constantly, not eating, until the weight loss .


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