Monday, March 31, 2014

Pirated Android Apps Seller Sued 5 Years in Prison

Two men convicted of piracy of mobile applications have been found guilty of spreading pirated Android applications . This case is the first lawsuit to be the case in terms of infringement of copyright works for mobile applications .

" This case was the first case handled by the U.S. Justice Department against someone who illegally deploy mobile applications , " said U.S. Attorney General's Office officials , David O'Neill , as quoted from Digital Trends . (see also: waptrick video)

In a court hearing in New York , Nicholas Anthony and Thomas Allen Dye who was arrested on January 24 and was found guilty of having been spread about one million pirated Android applications through the online market Appbucket .

Appbucket own online application store known to practice illegally selling pirated applications in 2012 . The U.S. government then closed the app store and catch the people behind it .

Appbucket addition , they are also spreading the pirated applications in other online stores such as Snappzmarket and Applanet . The total estimated value of the loss of the spread of pirated applications reached 700,000 U.S. dollars . (see also: waptrick mp3 download)

" Both men were infringes copyrighted works of others when they are with other people behind Appbucket distribute more than one million copies of pirated applications , " said O'Neill .

Narbone role as leader of the move operation , while Dye become conspirators . Now both are scheduled to hear verdict on June 12, 2014 . They face 5 years in jail .


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