Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dimas Tortured because Considered Not Respect to Senior STIP

Dimas dikita Handoko , a High School student meter Seamanship ( STIP ) Jakarta , died abused seniors . Motive alleged persecution because Dimas considered respect for the seniors .

" Alleged motive while the persecution of the coaching is done Dimas senior cadets to cadets juniors , " said North Jakarta police chief Comr Polrestra Mohammad Iqbal in North Jakarta , Saturday ( 26/04/2014 ) .
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Iqbal said the perpetrators of seven senior reprimanded by four semesters if the victims do not have respect for them ( seniors ) . Dimas along with six friends then called into the senior boarding . There they were hit in the chest , stomach and heartburn .

As a result of this violence, Dimas fell , but still hit the three actors ANG , Fach and Army . Dimas finally passed out helpless .

Seeing Dimas unconscious, the perpetrators of the wind on the nose rubbing oil spills and well - Splash water on your face so that he regained consciousness Dimas . Dimas suffered severe bruises that were taken to the hospital Port in North Jakarta . However , his life is already beyond help . While the sixth victim 's friends were severely injured in the face , chest to the abdomen .

" From the results of the autopsy , the victim Dimas bleeding in the brain due to blunt impact , " he continued .

Currently , the North Jakarta Polrestra still collecting information from participants and witnesses . "This afternoon we also had to do a pre - reconstruction of the persecution to the needs of the investigation , " he said .

Police have secured the three alleged perpetrators persecute Dimas and four others initials SAT , WID , DE and AR are thought to be the perpetrators of violence against six friends Dimas . Police also have secured the evidence of the victim uniform , a red scoop and wind oil Fresh Care .

Dimas was killed by abused seniors on Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) night . Family suspicious because since few days she claimed serinh experience kekeraaan actions of the senior.


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