Sunday, April 13, 2014

Speed ​​boat hit the waves, 5 passengers died in the Pacific Islands

Five passengers were reported killed in a speedboat accident that occurred in marine waters Jackfruit Island , District Sungaiselan , Central Bangka , Bangka Belitung Province , Sunday afternoon .

Speed ​​boat hull with the brand ' Rasyida ' that carry as many as 28 passengers and sank in the waters near Pulau Nangka due to big waves hit .

" Five passengers were killed in the incident , while another passenger survived and has been evacuated , " said Adj Polair Police Central Bangka , AKP Suhairi as reported by Reuters on Sunday ( 13/4 ) night .
Suhairi mention , the speed boat departing from Line 14 of Palembang , South Sumatra towards Sungaiselan .

But on arrival in the island waters Jackfruit speedboats dinakhodai Ajis it swerved and overturned due to hit by high waves and strong winds .

" The ship was immediately reversed in position 1 mile from the island of Jackfruit . Many as 23 passengers escaped by using a float while the other five were drowned , " he said .

Suhairi say , the names of the passengers is currently being recorded .

He explained that the accident was purely due to sea by the waves . Board the ship quickly swerved to the left and immediately reversed because it is not able to withstand the brunt of the waves that reach over two meters .

"We have dozens of passengers have been evacuated and a speed boat to the mouth of Sungaiselan , we will investigate the case further , " he said .

Suhairi added , the current number of members required to remain idle in Sungaiselan and always report the latest developments .
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" We urged caution sailing because the weather is uncertain , could result in an accident at sea especially small vessels , " he said .


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