Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shh, It Turns Candidates Still the status of civil servants

Candidate number two PDI-P North Gorontalo , from electoral districts ( constituencies ) Sumalata four - Tolinggula , Sandra Deisy Maryana Datau , was still a civil servant ( PNS ) .

Vice- regent ( Vice Regent ) local , Roni Imran on Thursday , admitted recently signed the Decree ( SK ) Deisy Dismissal dated 16/4 , corresponding submission of resignation letter recently received local government .

Deasy was PNS official at the Health Department , as nurse at the health center Tolinggula .
Wabup claimed to not know anything about the status Deasy , even he was shocked to be signed initials SK coordination of dismissal as a civil servant .

Local governments are not responsible for the existence of Deasy as a candidate , because so far have either not been reported and submitted his resignation as a civil servant .

Meanwhile , the commissioner of the General Election Supervisory Committee ( Panwaslu ) district , division management and follow-up offense , Typhoon Coping Agus claimed to have received complaints from residents regarding the status Tolinggula Deasy who allegedly has not resigned as a civil servant .

Complainant reports have even followed up by examining the complainant on Wednesday , around 22:00 pm .
However Typhoon admitted , will not publish the administrative violation complaints , because they will be discussing in the center of the Integrated Law Enforcement ( Gakkumdu ) .

Information from the Secretary of the Branch Executive Council ( DPC ) local PDIP , Iriyanto Dangkua said , according resumes received it is clearly written Deasy are no longer civil servants . "According to the curriculum vitae received , Deasy stated as self-employed and no longer civil servants since 2011 proved to no longer receive a salary , " said Iriyanto .
( Read: cucak ijo trotol )

But it sure would work together for a smooth process, especially the concerned Supervisory Committee have answered the call to provide information for the report complained of residents .


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