Monday, April 14, 2014

Apply For Success ATM Itpreneur

JAKARTA - The development of information technology makes these fields as a farm business that thrives . Itpreneur is often considered by the public as a source of income .

Discuss thoroughly about it , an entrepreneur in the field of technology ( Itpreneur ) , which is present in Tauf Suaradias Riandari talk show entitled " Employee vs. Itpreneur " made ​​by the Department of Information Student Association ( HMTC ) Institute of Technology ( ITS ) Surabaya .

In his presentation , animation site owner man explained , in order to be a necessary Itpreneur bold nature . Bold nature is Ufan - so - familiar call is not afraid to try .

" In addition, it takes hard work and ATMs . 's Own ATM stands for observe , imitate , and modification . ATMs often do when I want to create a new animation orders from clients , " said Ufan , as reported from ITS Online , Tuesday ( 15/4 / 2014 ) .
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To be an entrepreneur in the field of technology that is reliable , said Ufan , students should not feel inferior to any of their work . " We must dare menyepadankan themselves with the international world, namely by means of the system mimicking the work and products of their work . Definitely be it," he added .

According Ufan , beyond the actual capabilities similar to the Indonesian people . " Suppose the Indonesian animators with the Americans . Difference is only in the system only works , if its software skills almost the same , " said Ufan .

Meanwhile , Chairman of the Committee reveal Ardhya Perdana Putra , the activity is a routine event held each year . However , this year the committee an opportunity to all students of ITS in order to follow the carpet .


" Alhamdulillah , high enthusiasm . Carrying hundreds of visitors can attend , " said Ardhya .

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